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Goal : to create a world -class product and service brands .
Purpose: to create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the company.
Spirit: dynamism , innovation, teamwork .
Mission: innovative technology, providing quality products and services to the electronics industry.
Strategy: Manufacturing customers the best products needed to meet the diverse needs of customers .

Finishing : the distinction between anything in the workplace , it is necessary to stay , and the rest need to get rid of useless things .
Objective: To free up space , create a refreshing workplace.

Consolidation : the need to stay with the position of the items placed in accordance with the provisions and placed neatly be identified .
Objective : Workplace glance, eliminating the time to find items , tidy work environment to enhance the efficiency of the three foundation.

Cleaning: The visible and invisible in the work place cleaned up , keeping the workplace clean and beautiful environment.
Objective: stable quality, reducing industrial violations.

Cleaning: 3S maintain these results.

Literacy : each member to develop good habits, and follow the rules work, cultivate proactive spirit.
Objective: To develop good habits.

Security: the elimination of workplace safety hazards , establish safe working environment .


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